The Top 15 Healthy Relationship Ideas

Below are top ideas or thoughts as to what makes a healthy relationship:

  1. Likes to listen when you have something on your mind; This person will listen when you have a problem, and not brush it aside, or make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal.
  2. Does not yell, scream or humiliate you in front of other people; Do you know anyone who tends to want to be drama and raises a big fuss when the smallest of things are bothering him or her?  This is not a healthy indicator of a person you should be involved in a relationship with.
  3. Encourages you to try new things; he or she will think up new things for you to try. It actually enhances your relationship and keeps it alive.
  4. Alternates between texting or calling you; this person does not call all the time or text all the time.  He or she has a healthy the number of times he or she texts or calls.
  5. Does not accuse me of flirting or cheating. This adult believes in giving and receiving trust, and truly believes that his or her significant other is not out there betraying this delicate bond of trust.
  6. Is very supportive of things that I do outside of our relationship.  This man or woman will not mind it if you have a hobby outside of the relationship.  Other hobbies can strengthen a relationship, and make it more interesting.
  7. Understands that you have your own life, as well; people who are in healthy relationships have a balance, between their work, their social lives, and hobbies. A man or woman who can see how the different things his or her soul mate does outside of the relationship can help strengthen it, He or she will not be as likely to criticize any differences.
  8. Does not get too jealous or possessive; men and women should have a certain amount of respect and trust for one another.  Getting too upset or jealous of the other person’s friends is not healthy and I don’t understand why people think this form of behavior is acceptable.
  9. Is well liked by your friends; a great indicator, I have always felt, is if your friends approve of your significant other.  If they have strong reasons why they don’t like the person, there is usually some signal there that the person may not be suitable for you.
  10. Doesn’t do things to physically hurt themselves because of you; in a healthy relationship, no one physically hurts themselves intentionally to get what they want. If someone is doing this, it is not a healthy factor, and the person acting out in this way should seek special help immediately.
  11. This person will not constantly check up on you or makes check in.  I can only see manipulation in this type of behavior when someone checks up too often.  There should always be a balance of checking in, if people do decide to do that, and it shouldn’t be a constant thing.
  12. Will not try to keep you from seeing or talking to your family and friends; family and friends often help keep your relationship balanced?  Why take your friends and family out of your social equation when they have helped you become the person that you are today?
  13. Keeps an even mood; in the right relationship, there will be no extreme mood swings, getting extremely angry or throwing tantrums on you one minute, then being extra sweet the next.  Also, if this person is sweet and apologetic right afterwards, be very cautious.
  14. Never makes you feel like you are “walking on eggshells.” Have you ever met someone who made you feel like you aren’t good enough? Have you ever met someone who criticized so many things you did in your life, that even if you had accomplishments, you now were no longer happy about them because of all the criticism?  If you have been treated like this, it is time to pull up your personal carpet, and move out. A healthy relationship thrives on praise, and the right person will make you feel special the majority of the time, not the opposite.
  15. This person never makes you nervous; a person who makes you a little too nervous over time is not the right individual for you.  Sometimes when people meet they are nervous, but this is not something you will feel 24-7 as time goes on.

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