Texting & Dating; Not Everyone’s Main Squeeze

Texting Dating TipsI am not a fan of texting when it comes to dating. If I give a man my number, (if he is lucky enough to get it) the very last thing I want for him to do is text me. I am very serious about this to the point of a making it a cause. Here is my reasoning behind this thought process:

Texting, not personal and no real reason
Yesterday someone I didn’t even hardly know texted me and asked me if I wanted to meet. I just kept thinking “why doesn’t he just have the courtesy to phone me and ask?” I feel a phone call or meeting in person is much more personal and is a special brand of caring. In person, you can see someone’s dazzling smile, sparkling eyes, and endless personality features that float over their faces as they are trying to express something. On top of this, instead of him respecting that I did not want to text, he texts back “yes, but it’s a common way of communication.” I really don’t compute or understand this, not by a long shot. Men pay special attention here; if a lady firmly states “I don’t want to text,” she is not kidding, she does want you to stop texting immediately, and it’s not some” sexual innuendo.” Furthermore, it’s not common. I kept thinking common for whom, Asama bin Laden? The man is dead, I rest my case.

Texting while driving, here is your wake-up call
To those who text while driving, I am not a fan. Believe it or not, people have died from doing this very thing. According to the Washington Post “A quarter of U.S. teens ages 16 to 17 who have cell phones say they text while driving, and almost half of Americans ages 12 to 17 say they’ve been in cars with someone who texted while behind the wheel.” Teens state that a lot of their parents also text while driving. Do you really want someone to care deeply and passionately about you to remember you by the last texted words “I love you” yet never be able to see that expression again in person? You couldn’t see the emotions pass on his or her face because now he or she is no longer with us as a living, viable human being. It’s a lonely world when you lose someone close to you. Don’t let the reason be because the text bug came and took the life out of you.

Sexting; not the new text craze
Sexting in this case is where you send asexually explicit picture images to someone’s mobile phone. This might work for married couple, but it surely does not work for single people. Many singles take advantage of this form of communication. Male singles take note; “it’s a huge turn off” to a potential mate. Not only will she view you as a “sex predator” she will not consider you for long term anything. She will immediately remove you from her inner circle at Google Plus or Zoosk, and no longer pay any attention to you. Only the really desperate would apply to your relationship card, and who in their right mind would want a needy person? “Needy people can just pack up their bags and fly home!”

Reasons behind texting, the truth revealed
Reasons why most people want to text are; “I’m bored, I’m lazy, and I can’t communicate well in person.” What is this really saying to a female? I am bored I’m lazy, and I can’t carry on a decent conversation in person. Listen up folks! Bored, lazy, and non communication should not be your idea of a potential mate. If you happen to get lucky, find someone that moves you, let there be a healthy balance. Have the person call you, hear the voice behind the face in a picture, and not a hollow empty text. Meet with the human; decide if he or she is worth your time, and seeing that person again after you have evaluated the person. After all, dating is an evaluation. If you want to meet someone of quality, be quality. If someone doesn’t like texting, understand there may be strong, legitimate reason why that person doesn’t like texting. We were all born beautiful, unique human beings. We don’t all like the same “pizza”, and we are not all cut from the same cloth. I really hope you enjoyed and got some real value out of this article. Feel free to ping, re-post and give your comments below. Enjoy your lives and Namaste!

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