Sexy Foods: Vanilla, Truffles, Lobster

sexy foodOne of the sexiest elements of any date night, whether it’s the first date or your fiftieth, is sexy food.   Sexy foods, such as vanilla, truffles, and lobster, contain natural ‘dancing from the kitchen to the bedroom’ aphrodisiacs!

When you want to put a little mood in your sexy foods, you won’t find yourself short on culinary versatility when cooking with vanilla, truffles, or lobster.  Whether you are dining out or staying in, their adaptability makes them a hit with many people who want to turn an ordinary dinner to seductive evening.

For a seductive appetizer, rely upon the musky bouquet of truffles. Truffles have long been reputed as the ultimate sexy food, and have been enjoyed as a delicacy for centuries. Truffles release a fragrance similar to male pheromones, seducing women across the world. To make an appetizer with truffles, grate them in fine shavings over any kind of hot rice or pasta.  I eat them straight out of the jar when provided the opportunity!  For most of us, truffles are too costly for every day use and they are challenging to find.  Truffle oil makes a nice substitute, and it can be found at many specialty grocery stores.

Lobster is an intimacy inviting choice with protein and vitamins promoting good health and sexual stamina for men.  A bit on the pricey side, lobster has long been synonymous with wealth and luxury, and what better way to impress your date? Not only does lobster smell and taste sensuous, it won’t weigh you down and make you lethargic like steak or turkey. Lobster is a smart and sexy choice for your main course, whether it’s freshly steamed  or simmered in a creamy bisque.

Finish you flirtatious meal with vanilla.   Vanilla is an undisputed natural aphrodisiac used in sexy foods and expensive perfumes, with its’ provocative aroma and kissable taste. Offer your date a smooth vanilla ice cream, or frothily whipped fresh cream over strawberries.

Truffles, lobster, and vanilla are a trio of sexy foods turning any date night into a sensually naughty culinary encounter designed for two.


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