How Should A Man Find the Perfect Cologne That Makes A Woman Go There?

When I gave Frank the advice on the need to smell nice, something told me that he would not understand it. He would be cynical and it would be a piece of advice that he probably would not be capable of listening to. Therefore, to reinforce the idea, I decided to bring it up and discuss it in person over a beer.

We met in downtown Huntington Beach, CA, known as Surf City, USA. First, we went to a bar and had a beer. After catching up over a beer, I gave the beer a chance to settle in and relax him. We then moved on to our next place. We parked off of Main Street, which is right off of the pier, where there are several bars and lots of nightlife. As we were walking towards a bar, I brought up the email on cologne to ask him his thoughts on it.

As expected, he politely let me know that he was not having it. “Ahhhh. Honestly, that is not me. I’m just not a cologne type of guy. Okay. I mean it makes sense to be clean and not smell bad. But, it’s expensive and after a few minutes I do not even smell it anyway.”

“Just trust me on this one.” I attempted to tell him.

“Ahhhh. I don’t know.” That was his way of saying “Nope!”

We got in line for the bar we were going into and waited a few minutes. Suddenly, several people behind us, an attractive young lady announced, “Oh my beepity beep! Somebody smells really good!” There were about 6 people between us.

We turned around and watched as she plunged her nose between the breasts of the girl in front of her. She inhaled deeply through her nose. “Nope! It’s not you.” She announced. She then went to the next person and repeated the process and then the next and the next.

“Oh! I’ve found you! You smell so good!”
When she got to me, she stuck her nose into my chest and announced to the crowd, “Oh!!! I’ve found you! You smell so good!”

I looked at Frank. He let me know, “Okay! I need to trust you! First thing tomorrow, I’m going to follow your advice to find cologne and I will follow your advice as to how to find the right cologne!”

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