How Can You Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating?

How can you tell if your husband is cheating - Marriage AdviceNo one is happy when they start questioning inside if their husband is cheating.

If you’ve been hearing fairy tale stories since you were a child, chances are, you also long for your own prince charming that will bring you to his castle and cater to your every need. But fairy tales are fiction; and if you wish for a perfect “happily ever after”, you might end up being pretty devastated. Life is hard. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. In a marriage, for instance, the reality is that you need to exert a bit of effort to keep your relationship stronger and more interesting. There are times when your efforts are rewarded, but there could also be times when you end up crying. It’s sad to note that many couples who started out with dreams of a “happily ever after” find themselves divorced after a few years.

There are several reasons why couples opt to get divorced, and infidelity is one of them. Once you find out that your partner is or was unfaithful, it destroys loyalty and trust, which are essential in any marriage. It’s best for wives and women in general to watch out for errant behavior that could be signs of infidelity. It’s only fair to the wives to know when their husbands are cheating so that they can decide whether or not they can forgive, forget, and accept. Some signs to watch out for are…
Many say that a husband who suddenly showers his wife with too much attention and lavish gifts could be hiding something. Well, they could be right. When your husband is suddenly overly generous, be wary. He might be doing these things because he wants to feel less guilty about deceiving you.

Below is a list of common signs your husband might be cheating.

1. You’re husband becomes too attentive and too generous.

2. He accuses you of cheating.

A philandering husband often accuses his partner of cheating because he himself is doing it. He can easily get away with it, so he might think that you could also be doing what he’s been doing. So, once your devoted and secure husband suddenly becomes overly jealous and accusatory, maybe you’re the one who should be pointing the finger at him.

3. He has become secretive.

Before, you know his passwords to everything, his Facebook account, phone or PDA, email accounts, and others. It’s not a problem to him if you suddenly use his phone or check his Facebook account. If you want to know where he’s going, he’ll tell you without getting angry. All in all, you know everything about what he’s doing, where he’s going and who are with him. When he suddenly becomes secretive, brush up on your detective skills and start spying. He may be cheating on you. Also, a cheating man is evasive or angry when asked about where he’s going.


When a man cheats, most of his attention is focused on his new “partner”. Likely results are: he stops taking notice of you; he no longer has time for your kids; he forgets about your plans for the future; or he stops demonstrating his love for you. He’ll be too preoccupied with his new “relationship” that he often feels tired and distracted when at home.

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