Health Benefits of Sex

Health Benefits of Sex The most sensational of activities known to humankind brings with it unexpected health benefits.  While you and your loved one are setting one other’s hearts ablaze, you are reaping lasting health benefits.  While the health benefits of sex are too many to list, I relish the top three health benefits of sex.



  • Better Sleep
    Sleep is essential to good health and a critical use of the hours we get in a day. Unfortunately for many, a good night of sleep is elusive. Engaging in an exciting session of love-making in the evening is known to improve the rest of your night in the form of better sleep. Raising your heart rate and flooding your body with feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin, the natural ebb and flow of the sexual process relaxes your body and mind, creating a sense of peace and well-being floating you into blissful sleep.  Once you fall asleep after sex, you are more likely to stay asleep.  Sex is my choice for reducing insomnia!


  • Improved Self-Esteem
    In a culture demanding perfection with focus on youth and beauty, many feel insecure about their bodies.   A significant sexual relationship with a trusted partner can leave you feeling desired, resulting in an instant boost to your self-image.   Pay attention to the positive impact you have on your lover’s self-esteem in a sexual relationship, and you might be surprised by the positive effects your sex life is having on them. Flirtatious banter and seductive conversation reflecting the positive points of your encounters can transform your self images into a mutual exchange of appreciation. Appreciation is emotionally satisfying, and those good feelings further enhance our self-esteem.


  • Lower Stress
    Stresses brought about by upcoming events, work, and bills temporarily fade when in the arms of your special someone. Sex is a great reducer of stress as it lowers cortisol levels and floods the body with endorphins or ‘happy hormones’. Consciously turning your love-making into a time of relaxation can further reduce stress. Instead of jumping straight into the same routine, exchange massages with candles and oils.  A long, hot slinky soak together in the bathtub creates a sense of relaxation. Incorporating little extras into your sex life lures the mind and body into stress reducing, euphoric events.

Improving sexual relationships directly impacts our health.  Keep the health benefits of sex in mind the next time you prepare for a night of passion.


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