DATELINE NBC To Air Segment On the Many Facets and Intericacies Of Human Courtship

U.S. Weekly TV News Magazine Dateline NBC To Air Human Interest Story About The Hardships of Human Courtship


Dateline investigative reporter Sara James has spent the greater part of the last two years tracking down various different aspects of the modern-day male and female courting ritual.  With the advent of the internet and the rise of other modern technology, the world has never seen a more confusing and rapidly-changing courtship process.


Join us as Sara takes you across 4 continents spanning from New York City, Tokyo, London and Buenos Aires for a closer look at how different cultures and other influences like religion and social dynamics dictate the courtship rituals of today.


Sara will also dive into some more murky facets of modern courtship like online dating, the rise of the date-rape drug Flunitrazepam (commonly referred to as “roofies”) and the statistical connection between the popularity of technology-assisted courtship and the rise of date-rape incidents.


Finally, she will take a look at the underground community of the “pick-up artist”.  Following on the heels of the New York Times Bestselling book exposing the secret community in 2005, to a VH1 reality TV show in 2007, to the modern evolution of dating coaches in “Hitch” style that can even give statistical proof that their methods work to attract women, Sara gives an engaging summary and ties in what anomalies like these mean to the status quo for dating.


The question posed by this segment is whether or not the advent of modern courtship tactics and technologies like online dating (a multi-billion dollar industry) have done more to unite us or more to divide us?


Dateline NBC, or Dateline, is a U.S. weekly television news magazine broadcasted by NBC.

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