Simple Ways to Connect With Your Partner Each Day, Even When Life Gets in the Way

Daily living takes a lot of energy! Unfortunately, based on that thesis, thoughts that continually run through one’s minds are:  “All my energy goes into my job” or “All my energy goes into maintaining a home” or “All my energy goes into being a good parent.”

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However, another essential thought that is equally important for every partnership is, “My relationship also requires some vitality and energy every day!”  Surprisingly, energy devoted to a relationship does not have to be grand gestures but just simple, specific small words or actions can be sufficient for a gratifying partnership.

A strong, satisfying connection is definitely possible when two people focus on four general areas:

  1. Wonderful Reminders
  2. Closeness Connectors
  3. Physical Bonding Boosters
  4. Awesome Actions

When life gets in the way of a relationship connection, couples need down-to-earth thoughts and straightforward ways to strengthen their bond.  Based on the four areas, shown below are 60 simple skills, tools, or plans to overcome life obstacles and stay connected with your partner each day.  Select only one every day and you will be amazed at how effortlessly it can be to have a healthy, happy relationship. Perhaps choose a different category each day to add variety when enhancing your partnership.  I truly believe you will have a terrific two months together!!!

Shown below are wonderful reminders that your partner is continually on your mind.

  1. Remind your partner that forgiveness closes the door on a forgiven hurt and let that wonderful thought benefit your relationship.
  2. Surprise your partner by doing something nice today.
  3. Remember the two best gifts you can ever give each other are time and forgiveness. Ask your partner how they would like to spend just five minutes together today.
  4. The three best things in a marriage that are free are compliments, hugs, and kisses. Those are three essentials for every satisfying relationship.  Do all three today!
  5. Remember the first time you felt especially close and share that meaningful memory.
  6. Tell your partner the most enjoyable thing you’ve ever done together.
  7. Remember to be extra polite with each other and do that today.
  8. Regularly discuss with your partner some of their interests.
  9. Share a romantic fantasy with your partner that will enhance your relationship.

Every couple needs closeness connectors like the ones below for creating a stronger bond.

  1. Tell your partner you are proud to be with them.
  2. After a very busy week, agree to spend 30 minutes together on the weekend emotionally reconnecting with each other.
  3. Tell your partner what words or actions help you feel especially close.
  4. Write a love note and leave it under your partner’s pillow, on the front seat of their car, or by their purse or wallet.
  5. Don’t criticize, complain, or correct your partner for three days.
  6. Every Sunday, ask each other, “What can I DO or SAY during this week to help you feel valued and loved?”
  7. Compliment at least one action or quality in your partner daily.
  8. Come up with meaningful pet names and use a pet name today.
  9. Look into each other’s eyes for what seems like 60 seconds.
  10. Re-read your wedding vows to each other.
  11. Watch a TV show together and every time a commercial comes on give each other casual or passionate kisses during the entire advertisement.
  12. Laugh together today.
  13. Silence your cell phone when you go on a date.
  14. Discuss together what you think are the three most meaningful times in your relationship.
  15. Compliment your partner on some aspect of their appearance.
  16. Tell your partner how much fun they are.

Physical touch is the cement for a relationship so enjoy utilizing these physical bonding boosters.

  1.  Hold your partner’s hand for at least 10 minutes today.
  2. Before bedtime, totally undress each other to create sexual excitement but don’t be romantically “close” until at least the next night.
  3. One evening go out together and spend time “parking” just like you did when you were younger.
  4. Hold hands in public.
  5. Develop your own special clue for letting each other know when you are feeling the need to be romantically “close.”
  6. Nibble on your spouse’s ear and then give them a passionate kiss.
  7. For an emotional connection, lie nude together in bed and either talk or watch a television show.
  8. When on a date, kiss at stop signs and red lights.
  9. In various ways act romantic in front of a fireplace or in a room that is not your bedroom.
  10. Give your spouse a lingering kiss on the monthly date of your wedding. You will enjoy twelve special kisses each year as a reminder of your marital commitment.
  11. Lovingly stroke your partner’s hair.
  12. Always cuddle after making love.
  13. Today have a goal of kissing your spouse seven different times.
  14. Each of you write out in detail a love scene for your own couple romantic movie. Then, for your next two love making sessions act out the two movie scenes according to the script.

The cliche’ is true, “Your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying.”  Be a can-do partner by implementing the following awesome actions for a more satisfying relationship.

  1. One day a week agree to get up 10 minutes early just to have a morning talk together.
  2. Give each other a five-minute back massage.
  3. Look at your wedding photos together and remember what led you to marry one another.
  4. Today, smile at your partner at least seven times.
  5. To feel special and loved, double the time you normally take when making love.
  6. Dance together your most romantic slow song.
  7. Whether you have been married one year or 50 years, continue to regularly date each other.
  8. Express your love by texting your spouse with special code letters like, TAY – “Thinking about you” or YAS – “You are special,” and see if they can figure out what you are texting to emotionally connect.
  9. Arrange a one night getaway to a hotel and enjoy a romantic interlude.
  10. Give each other a minute hug in bed before you fall asleep.
  11. Give each other a two-minute foot massage.
  12. Pop a bottle of champagne or open a bottle of wine on the monthly date of your wedding.
  13. Cuddle on the sofa and watch a romantic movie together.
  14. Eat a meal outdoors. After your outdoor meal, do meaningful kissing with each other.
  15. The week before your partner’s birthday, give them one free or inexpensive gift for the seven days leading up to their birthday.
  16. Place special chocolates on the front seat of your partner’s car.
  17. Pray together that your relationship will never be stagnant but continually grow stronger.
  18. Always eat meals together and make it positive conversation with no problem talk.
  19. Give each other a small gift on the date of your wedding.
  20. Each of you read and discuss together one “Simple Habit” from SIMPLE HABITS FOR MARITAL HAPPINESS: Practical Skills And Tools That Build A Strong Satisfying Relationship.

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